Cyberoam Next Gen Firewalls and Unified Threat Management

IT Window has Cyberoam Certified technicians that can ensure your network is protected and monitored using Cyberoam's Next Gen Firewalls and UTM appliances. This hardware and experience allows you, our valued client, to be rest assured that your data and network are safe and secure. Through Cyberoam's powerful reporting system you can see what your employees have been browsing and determine quickly and easily which users are a threat to your network. Shift from Firewall to UTM/NGFW security

The Cyberoam firewall is tightly integrated with features like Application Visibility & Control, VPN (IPSec & SSL VPN), Intrusion Prevention System, Web Filtering, Bandwidth Management, Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, and Multiple Link Management to provide unified security. Layer 1 to Human Layer 8 Firewall

The Cyberoam Firewall implements policies based on the Physical Layer 1 to Application Layer 7 and Human Layer 8 with User Identity in addition to source, destination zone, IP address and application. It enables organizations to control access to network resources based on the user identity, work profile and application access requirement of external users like customers and partners, internal LAN users and employees outside the perimeter. It also offers user identity-based security in dynamic Wi-Fi, DHCP and shared endpoint environments.

Cyberoam offers VPNC-certified IPSec and SSL VPN over its network security appliances, ensuring easy-to-manage secure remote access with high business flexibility.

Our team configures and manages Local Cyberoam offers advanced Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) carrying thousands of signatures applicable with human and application layer policies to automatically detect and block intrusions, IM and P2P exploits, backdoor attacks and other malware. Cyberoam´┐Żs IPS carries HTTP proxy signatures and custom signature capability, offering customized protection to meet the unique security requirements of each organization.

Managed Firewall
We provide proactive management and monitoring of your firewall along with ongoing security policy updates and changes, helping you to operate a more secure and accessible private network. Monitoring and managing your firewall is crucial to safeguarding your network as threats grow more sophisticated each day..

Advanced Network Security

  • High Availability with stateful failover
  • Dynamic routing
  • Multiple VLAN zones to create work-profile based groups across distributed locations
  • Virtual host capability, enabling secure hosting of services inside the LAN and DMZ
  • Centralized management and logging-reporting