Your network is a substantial investment and is absolutely critical to your business. IT Window ensures you receive the most benefit by proactively monitoring, managing, and supporting this infrastructure. Our team provides end-to-end management of your network devices from routers and firewalls to local area network (LAN) switches. Our managed network services are scalable and customized to maximize the value of your network investment so it consistently operates at peak performance. In fact, we actively plan for your company’s growth. Your tech support meetings, which are part of our comprehensive IT infrastructure services, will include future planning discussions, budget forecasting, and a review of network security audit reports. These meeting will also include lifecycle management and recommendations for alternative devices as your equipment approaches end-of-life, as part of our network support plan. Our team of highly skilled engineers, the core of our network support services, monitor our clients’ main network, as part of our comprehensive IT infrastructure management. Because of our vigilant network performance monitoring, should something happen to one of your devices, you can rest assured that a trained engineer will address the problem in a responsive, timely manner. IT Window works with a range of clients and projects, from small business network design, to a large-scale network design.

Network Managed Services, Network Design Services and IT Infrastructure Services:

Managed Router
IT Window manages your wide area network (WAN) routing equipment to maximize performance, including optimal configurations and installation. We offer comprehensive equipment procurement services including competitive pricing on a range of device models.

Managed Local Network Switch
Our team configures and manages Local Network Switches, tailored to your business requirements. This is important in supporting virtual networks, your VoIP systems, and power over Ethernet (PoE) phones and other devices. Services include active monitoring, notification and restoration, ongoing maintenance, and lifecycle management. We obtain the best performance from applications by ensuring your switch is configured to optimally deliver data to the end user’s computer or mobile devices.

Managed Firewall
We provide proactive management and monitoring of your firewall along with ongoing security policy updates and changes, helping you to operate a more secure and accessible private network. Monitoring and managing your firewall is crucial to safeguarding your network as threats grow more sophisticated each day..

Network Design Services & Implementation

We can design, build, and implement:

  • A completely wireless environment for you
  • A lightning-fast wired network with wireless throughout, including a guest wifi connection
  • A network with the most current and robust security available.