Owner & Founder ("head") of IT Window:Casper Naudè
Physical Address of head of IT Window:Boardwalk Office Park Block 1 First Floor107 Haymeadow Crescent Pretoria
Postal Address of head of IT Window:Block 1 First Floor 107 Haymeadow Crescent Pretoria
Telephone number of head of IT Window:087 234 9770
Cell phone number of the head of IT Window:082 572 0555
E-mail Address of the head of IT
Information Officer of IT Window:Casper Naudè
Deputy Information Officer of IT Window:Jolene Stemmet
1. This guide have been compiled by IT Window and contains information that will be of great value to any person that would like to exercise any of their rights in terms of PAIA.
2. Details on how to make a request to access information in accordance with Section 51 of PAIA:
2.1 The requester must complete Form C and submit this form, together with a request fee, to the head of IT Window.
2.2 Form C can be accessed at or the offices of IT Window can be contacted to provide assistance in obtaining a copy of said Form.
2.3 The form must be completed properly, submitted to the head of IT Window and:
2.3.1 contain sufficient information to allow the head to identify the requester, as well as the records to be accessed.
2.3.2 Identify the particular right that the requester is seeking, exercising or trying to protect;
2.3.3 provide an explanation of why the requested records are required for the exercising or protection of that right;
2.3.4 stipulate the form of access required;
2.3.5 set forth a postal address and e-mail address of the requester; and
2.3.6 contain confirmation of capacity to request if the request is made on behalf of another person.
2.4 Access to records may be withheld pending payment of the relevant fees.
3. Subjects and categories of records held at the physical address of IT Window inter alia include:
3.1 broachers and related marketing material;
3.2 banking records;
3.3 financial statements and related records.
3.4 correspondence.
3.5 product information; and
3.6 client information.